The Recovering Academics Return

Dear Reader,

You may remember The Recovering Academic from a few years ago. If so, welcome back! You may be a stranger (soon to be, hopefully, a friend). If so, welcome to our blog! Whether you’re a new or old friend, here’s an update about Nicole and Erica: where we’ve been and where the blog is going from here. We’re sticking around this time; we hope you do too.

Our story: Two years ago a couple of friends and former co-PhD candidates named Nicole and Erica started a blog. It began as all blogs do: with excitement, enthusiasm and good intentions. They were going to write about anything and everything related to that liminal space where academia meets art. They were going to publish book reviews, interviews and philosophical-observational mash-ups which Erica dubbed “philobservations”. They were going to start a podcast. They were going to conquer the world.

Then life happened. PTSD. Migraines. Moves. Oh, so many moves. And the blog lay dormant, waiting.

About three months ago Nicole — staring down the barrel of yet another semester of overworked, underpaid adjunct servitude — sat down with her therapist and said those five little words you’ve probably uttered at some point in your life: “I can’t do this anymore”. And, as if those five little words were an alchemical formula, her mother stepped into the breach and gave her the best gift a writer can ever receive: a year’s pay and a room of her own.

Now a truly recovering academic, novelist and freelance writer, Nicole reached out to Erica and said, “Hey, remember that blog we started a few years ago? I think there was something special about it. Let’s bring it back.” And, being the great friend, writer and scholar that she is, Erica said Yes.

So here we are. It’s 2018. The world is an often-terrifying, always confusing and increasingly divisive place.

Ourselves: We’re Nicole and Erica and we’re Recovering Academics. We live with health challenges. We’re inspired and influenced by everything we read and experience, and we want to share those ideas with you. If you want to share your own related ideas, we’d love to hear from you! Drop us a line and follow our journey.




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