The Recovering Academic project is an exploration of the liminal space where academia meets art. Erica and Nicole are two hopeful academics who live with health challenges so we’ve created this blog as a safe space where we can share our influences, inspirations and observations with other like-minded creatives. We encourage sharing, discussing and respectful debating. Welcome!

profile picNicole Ranülf received her PhD in English Literature from Cardiff University, where she studied feminist theory, mythic fiction and medieval literature. For six years she worked as an adjunct professor teaching courses in English composition, literature and theater, before she left academia to pursue a career in freelance writing. She is currently working on her first novel. Find her at nicoleathomaswriter.com, follow her on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Lipstick EricaDr Erica Moore, PhD, is an accomplished college teacher and cultural studies scholar who lives in Somerville, MA with a bunch of cool people. Erica’s favorite activities include singing, playing musical instruments, loving people, organic gardening and cycling.