Nicole A. Thomas

Academic Publications

“The Unrepentent Twyllforwyn: Modern Perspectives on Virginity Testing in Medieval Welsh Folklore”, in Assuming Gender, 3:1, special edition ed. by Nicole A. Thomas and Sarah Williams-Clausen (This edition features a selection of articles from the “Shield Maidens and Sacred Mothers” conference.)

“Branwen’s Shame: Voicing the Silent Feminine in Evangeline Walton’s The Children of Llyr”, in Welsh Mythology and Folklore in Popular Culture, ed. by Audrey L. Becker and Kristin Noone (Jefferson: McFarland, 2011)

Review: The Tempest, The Lord Chamberlain’s Men, at Cardiff Castle 1-2 July 2010, Cardiff Shakespeare 6 July 2010

PhD Dissertation

The Daughters of Modron: Evangeline Walton’s Feminist Re-visioning of “The Mabinogi” (Cardiff University 2012)

Conference Papers

 Oct. 2011        “Shield Maidens and Sacred Mothers: Medieval Women in Truth and Legend”, Cardiff University. Paper: “The Unrepentant Twyllforwyn: Modern Perspectives on Virginity Testing in Medieval Welsh Folklore”

May 2011        “Myths, Legends and Folklore”, Cardiff University. Paper: “The Male Mother and His Flower Child: Re-Visioning Blodeuwedd in Evangeline Walton’s The Island of the Mighty

March 2011     “Myths and Fairytales in Film and Literature post-1900”, York University. Paper: “Branwen’s Shame: Law-Breaking and Genre-Bending in Evangeline Walton’s The Children of Llyr

May 2010        “Gender & Difference”, University of Cologne and Cardiff University.  Paper: “The Price of the Gift: Penardim’s Sacrifice of Self in Evangeline Walton’s The Children of Llyr

Erica Moore


Haunting Memories: Gothic and Memoir. (2016). In Gothic Landscapes: Changing Eras, Changing Cultures, Changing Anxieties. Healey, K. & Yang, S. (Eds.). Palgrave.

Concrete and Steel Evolution in J.G. Ballard’s Crash. (2014). In Foundation: The International Review of Science Fiction (43) 119. Paul (Ed.). 41-57.

Language Games in the Whoniverse. (2014). In The Language of Doctor Who: From Shakespeare to Alien Tongues. Barr, J. & Mustachio, C. D. G. (Eds.). Rowman and Littlefield. 243-258.

Consilience in Literary Studies. (2011). In Postgraduate English: A Journal and Forum for Postgraduates in English. Marklew, N. & Baker, J. (Eds.). Issue 23. Durham University. <>.

Constructing a Space for the Subversive: Science Fiction, Comedy, and Cultural Comedy in New Doctor Who. (2010). In Impossible Worlds, Impossible Things: Cultural Perspectives on Doctor Who, Torchwood, and the Sarah Jane Adventures. Garner, R.P., Beattie, M., McCormack, U. (Eds.). Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing. 62-78.

PhD Dissertation

Practising the Posthumanities: Evolutionary Animals, Machines and the Posthuman in the Fiction of J.G. Ballard and Kurt Vonnegut (Cardiff University 2011).

Selected Conference Papers

“The Myth of Progress in the Fiction of J.G. Ballard and Kurt Vonnegut.” (June 2011). Current Research in Speculative Fiction Conference. University of Liverpool.

“Human Manufactured Crises and Posthuman Responses in Don DeLillo’s White Noise.” (2009). Literature and Art in an Age of Global Risk. Cardiff University.

“Island of Ideology: The Tempest and Science Fiction.” (2008). Islands of Thought. Cardiff University.